recycle for the planet

Creating works of art while recycling the leftover wood
from barrels seemed like an ideal solution.
We combined our passion for sports
with our desire to take care of our planet.

our origins

exclusive and numbered

You own an exclusive piece,
numbered and handmade
by experienced carpenters.
Your personal, unique longboard.

choose your longboard

a look
that turns heads

your longboard will help you experience
a return to basics with
its high quality materials.


Choose one of our ten models

Choose from :
GabTail – FloTail – Pintail – Rétro – Rétro Pintail – Flat Nose Pintail – Boat Tail – Swallow Tail – Snow Tail – Peanut Tail.

Express your personality !


We work with oak, ash, black walnut, and wengee, creating
a harmonious blend for longboards
of the highest quality.

Attention to detail

You can witness the precise work  of our shaper in every detail of our longboards.
All our pieces are designed by hand and made with passion.

Quality components

We are proud to work closely with the Bear
company from Vancouver,
renowned for the quality of their components.
Our trucks are Bear.

Our wheels are Hawgs.